Invisible Visible

Invisible Visible is a continued exploration of LA’s architectural structures, political movements, and cultural diversity. This show will take place on Martin Luther King day and is inspired by his message of peaceful protest and passive resistance. In 1967, Dr. King started a poor peoples campaign to address economic inequality in America. In his own words he stated,

“We are coming to Washington in a poor people’s campaign. Yes, we are going to bring the tired, the poor, the huddled masses … We are coming to demand that the government address itself to the problem of poverty. We read one day: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights. That among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. But if a man doesn’t have a job or an income, he has neither life nor liberty nor the possibility for the pursuit of happiness. He merely exists … We are coming to ask America to be true to the huge promissory note that is signed years ago. And we are coming to engage in dramatic non-violent action, to call attention to the gulf between promise and fulfillment; to make the invisible visible.” 

The visuals by Tim Hix will focus on Los Angeles’ ongoing economic disparity. The visuals will be accompanied by a live performance from The Silverscreen Sextet. This group consists of drummer Vijay Anderson, and noted Bay area theorist/saxophonist Hafez Modirzadeh. Additionally four of Los Angeles’s most iconic underground musicians: Bobby Bradford, Vinny Golia, Roberto Miranda, and William Roper will be featured in the group. These Los Angeles musicians have been at the forefront of creative music on the West Coast for decades. The compositions by Anderson were arranged to feature the unique chemistry, personalities, and history of each of the musicians in the ensemble. This multimedia performance hopes to bring awareness to an on going issue of class inequality that seems to be ignored by past administrations, as well as being exacerbated by our current administration. 

To start off the evening, there will be a panel discussion focusing on these issues, as well as creative music coming out of Los Angeles since the 1950’s. The panel will feature Bobby Bradford – One of the most original trumpet/cornet players to emerge from the avant-garde, a celebrated jazz musician, composer and teacher, noted for his work with the Ornette Coleman Quartet and with clarinetist John Carter. In October 2009 Bradford became the second recipient of the Festival of New Trumpet Music’s Award of Recognition. Vinny Golia – A multi-woodwind performer, Vinny’s recordings have been consistently picked by critics and readers of music journals for their yearly “ten best” lists. fuses the rich heritage of Jazz, contemporary classical and world music into his own unique compositions. William Roper – a multidisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles. As a tubaist, his professional experience ranges from the symphony stage to free improvisation groups. He has toured North and South America and Europe as soloist and as a member of jazz, rock and classical ensembles. Roberto Miranda – a dynamic bassist who is noted for his inventive, high-energy improvisations. He is adept in both soulful passages and fleet percussive lines, and is fluent in all jazz idioms. He has toured, played and recorded with an impressive array of jazz artists, including Shelly Manne, Kenny Burrell, Horace Tapscott, Bobby Bradford, John Carter, David Murray, Cecil Taylor, Charles Lloyd, and Bobby Hutcherson. The panel will be moderated by Dr. Charles Sharp – a multi-instrumentalist, composer, educator, and radio host. 

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Los Angeles Mission.

the handbag factory 1334 S. Grand Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90017
Monday January 15th
pre-show panel discussion 6pm
Invisible Visible 7pm. 


• Bobby Bradford – Cornet
• Vinny Golia – Woodwinds
• William Roper – Tuba/spoken word
• Hafez Modirzadeh – Woodwinds
• Roberto Miranda – Bass
• Vijay Anderson – Drums/compositions
• Tim Hix – Video projections
• Charles Sharp – Moderator