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Zócalo Public Square: What’s So Bad About GMO’s?


For centuries, farmers and governments have hailed genetic modifications of our food as advances that helped combat drought and disease and improve nutritional value or flavor. But in recent years, a global movement has challenged the safety for people and for the environment of modifying the DNA of what we eat. How should we weigh the risks of GMOs against other concerns they are meant to address, like preventing famine or adapting crops to changing climates? Does labeling GMO foods increase transparency or stoke fear and confusion? How are chefs and even casual cooks using GMO ingredients and responding to the backlash against them?

Join us as moderator Evan Kleiman, Host of KCRW’s Good Food, UCLA plant molecular biologist and director of The Seed Institute Bob Goldberg, former Los Angeles Times food columnist Russ Parsons, and UCLA Emmett Institute co-director Edward Parson visit Zócalo to examine the way we grow, buy, eat, and think about food.


Parking is $9 at the Walt Disney Concert Hall garage. Enter from Second St., just west of Grand Ave.