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Vielmetter Los Angeles
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Yunhee Min at Vielmetter Los Angeles


At Vielmetter, Yunhee Min departs from her traditional canvas and uses glass as a luminous painting surface. The artist pours pastel colored paint on the back side of the glass, making the colors appear flat and harmonious, even as they spill and drift into each other. In several floor works, Min sandwiches two such glass paintings together, held in place in a metal base. This display method both creates a three dimensional painting, viewable in the round, and allows for a sense of depth wherein surprising compositions and shadows occur within the overlapping panel layers.

The works blend chance, allowing the paint to ooze, pour, drip, and control. Each composition is highly deliberate, almost like a graffiti scrawl, the chance happenings hemmed in by more controlled mark-making. By using glass along with paint, a medium that often attempts to recreate light, Min reveals a porous luminosity that makes these works feel bouncy and alive.

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Photo: Installation view, Yunhee Min “Vitreous Opacities,” Vielmetter Los Angeles, July 3 – August 14, 2021. Courtesy of the Artist and Vielmetter Los Angeles. Photo by Evan Bedford.