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When the Sun Loses its Light at Blum & Poe


A new group show at Blum & Poe, curated by the gallery’s co-owner/founder Jeff Poe, begins with a story of a man’s death. As the press release tells us, recently a man died while getting a brain scan, allowing the doctors to see that memories truly do flash before us as we pass. Poe relates this notion to memories of his own late brother, and takes a hopeful stance that the scenes passing by us in those final seconds are the good ones. The small and tender moments of joy, family, and togetherness are, “…the ones that, at the time, are seemingly small but get dropped and locked in that emotional vault right there in our chests, then travel up and forever get held tight,” Poe writes. 

The intimate group show, which includes work by seven artists, highlights similar snapshots of lives lived. Michelle Blade’s gorgeous washy paintings picture her children surrounded by boulders in Joshua Tree, playfully climbing the rocks. Joey Terrill captures his sister, hand casually under her chin, a half-eaten cantaloupe on a nearby plate. Lauren Satlowski paints the setting sun through a house-shaped glass prism, refracting the light and containing those last moments before the sun dips below the horizon — much like the last moments of one’s life, tenderly held and surrounded by thoughts of home. 

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On view: September 10 – October 22, 2022

Photo: When the Sun Loses Its Light, Installation view, Los Angeles, 2022, Photo: Heather Rasmussen.