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‘What Will You Give?’ at Sidecar


What Will You Give? is a two-person exhibition of large-scale paintings by Veronica Fernandez and Tidawhitney Lek at Sidecar. Led by Night Gallery founder Davida Nemeroff, Sidecar is a new kunsthalle-inspired space next to Night Gallery’s north campus in Downtown Los Angeles. What Will You Give? is the space’s first exhibition organized in collaboration with Melanie Ouyang Lum. Both Fernandez and Lek use painting to explore stories of love and loss that are both personal and universal. Their bold canvases attempt to render the ecstasy and agony of the human condition.

Fernandez’s mixed-media paintings are both abstract and figurative, drawing on specific moments from her childhood and her familial history. Lek’s paintings play with perspective, time, and scale and speak to latent trauma and unspoken suffering. Together, the artists, who are also friends, explore identity and intimacy in their biographical and emotional work.

Photo: Installation View Courtesy the artists and Night Gallery, Los Angeles. Photo: Ed Mumford.