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Visions + Structures at Five Car Garage

September 7, 2019 • 8:00 am - October 19, 2019 PDT

Five Car Garage

On view: September 7–October 19, 2019

Five Car Garage, an art gallery that literally occupies a multi-car garage in Venice, has paired two artists—a painter and a sculptor—in Visions + Structures. Raychael Stine, who titles her paintings Visions, creates dream-like gradations of color that feel like halos or portals. On top of these orbital shapes are delicate marks and lines that flip between abstract paint strokes and highly-rendered depictions of a dog nose or water droplet. The abstract works are contemplative and suggestive of an inward journey, but  look closely, and the loose brush strokes in each painting all resemble dogs (a prime subject for the artist). As such, she roots her spiritual quest in the everyday joy of owning a pet. David McDonald’s sculptures in the exhibition might take an opposite approach towards enlightenment. Rooted in materiality and made-ness, the works, such as Stone Web, cobble together bits of material to create an organic work that quietly insists on its final, unnamable form. Where Stine grounds her ethereal visions in the everyday relationships with our pets, McDonald uses everyday materials to point outward to our spiritual connection with nature and the outside world.

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