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“Unprotected” at EPOCH


August 6, 2022 - November 4, 2022

Virtual Exhibition

Projected text splays over the steps of a digitized Supreme Court in EPOCH’s new virtual exhibition, “Unprotected”: “Trespassers of these steps will be punished. Trespassers of bodily sovereignty will be inside making decisions.” 

This work by Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti sets the stage for the show, in which dissenting artworks commenting on the recent decision to overturn Roe virtually infiltrate the court steps. The exhibition is paired with a list of reproductive health resources and organizations. In EPOCH’s virtual world, the SCOTUS building is hemmed in by dark clouds and thunder. Martina Megegon’s virtual sculpture is made up of glitchy self-portraits in battle poses, an homage to those who continue to fight for bodily autonomy. Elana Mann’s arm-shaped megaphone (in which a hand covers the would-be speaker’s mouth and the arm sprouts into the megaphone’s bell) is paired with an eerie sound piece by Sharon Chohi Kim, which at one point erupts into layered voices whispering “Can you hear me?” The sounds feel prescient in a moment when the rights of so many individuals have been stripped away. 

The show’s press release reads as a call to arms: “Today, our voices must be heard in every possible forum, state and federal: Reproductive justice and equitable abortion access must be enshrined in the Constitution, immediately. In this historic moment, artistic interventions will play a critical role in provoking meaningful public discourse and action.” The exhibition is also available as an NFT, with a percentage of the proceeds going to organizations who are fighting for reproductive justice. 

On view: August 6 – November 4, 2022

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Photo: UNPROTECTED featuring Nancy Baker Cahill, Carrie Chen, Vitória Cribb, Elana Mann, Martina Menegon, Operator, Sasha Stiles, and Hana Yoo; August 6 – November 4, 2022; Image courtesy of EPOCH (www.epoch.gallery).