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Unexpected Connections

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Unexpected connections are the simplest way of describing creativity. In its most basic form, it’s pattern recognition, and at its most complex, it’s a tangled web that humans have become surprisingly great at deconstructing.


Imprint and MAEKAN: Unexpected Connections is about celebrating those who have embraced new intersections around them in both positive and inventive ways.


Our format invites fascinating people from contrasting disciplines to talk and find an unexpected common ground. How does the professional athlete connect with the tech entrepreneur? How does the chef build a future with the tech start-up founder?


Unexpected Connections is about the rich opportunity for exploration when two different vantage points are joined together. We’d be honored to have you participate in this upcoming event on November 7th, 2018.


Speakers include KCRW’s own Jennifer Ferro and Madeleine Brand.