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Trump’s Finances: Presidential Oversight or Presidential Immunity?


July 22, 2020 • 5:00 pm PDT

President Trump has zealously guarded the secrecy of his financial records. During the presidential campaign he went against decades of custom and practice and failed to release his tax returns. Congress subpoenaed Trump’s financial records, saying they needed this information to assess possible foreign influence of elections and the adequacy of government ethics laws. The New York district attorney issued a grand jury subpoena for Trump’s financial documents, saying this information is necessary to an investigation of potential violations of state law as related to hush money payments made to women who claimed they had affairs with Trump.

Moderator and Loyola Law School professor Jessica Levinson joins Former Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal and CNN Supreme Court reporter Ariane de Vogue to unpack the court’s decisions and discuss what they mean for the Congressional power and Presidential immunity.