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A science fiction saga about corporate boybands and holographic newscasters crowd-controlling a society of clones, Future St. is a speculative, multimedia theater epic exploring desire, surveillance and the sinister forces of normalization. As California becomes “Clonifornia,” a homosexual police state enforces strict marriage codes among the monitored populace, and an intersectional resistance–made up of queer mutant dissidents and an ancient feminist underground—plots its overthrow.

An original work by Alexandro Segade conceived as a response to the political shifting position of gay culture in the larger society–from the debate over marriage equality to the emergency of right wing figures such as Peter Thiel–Future St. appropriates the heterotopias proposed by the science fiction novels of Octavia E. Butler, Ursula K. LeGuin, Samuel R. Delany and Philip K. Dick, as well as X-Men comic books, movies like Blade Runner, Looker, The Matrix and World on a Wire, and myriad video games and anime.

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