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The Inexpressible is Contained at Sea View


At Sea View, a quaint house gallery set in the hills of Mount Washington in a domestic space built by artist Jorge Pardo, a new two-person show juxtaposes two bodies of work that have subtle interlocking qualities. Charlotte Edey’s contributions are small-scale drawings and a series of beaded weavings, which are made on a Jacquard before being beaded with detailed embellishments. The imagery in these works is haunting and dreamlike — they often depict interiors that feature broad windows and billowing curtains, as if a ghostly or cosmic presence is lingering therein. Without physically showing the body, Edey implies one, perhaps through the use of domestic imagery even pointing to one’s own interior space. By contrast, Azadeh Elmizadeh’s larger-scaled paintings are awash in cool blues and teals, depicting watering abstractions, which in some cases include shadowing figures that almost seem to blur into the background — their bodies diffuse and intangible. Together, the two artists seem to explore the intangible and inexpressible space between body, built environment, and dreams. 

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Photo: Installation view, ‘The Inexpressible is Contained at Sea View’ Charlotte Edey and Azadeh Elmizadeh, September 16 – October 21, 2023, Courtesy of the artists and Sea View