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City of Santa Monica | Cultural Affairs Division
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The City of Santa Monica’s Beach=Culture series presents Snorkel Dreams: A Machine Project Guide to Art Underwater


As a public art project, Snorkel Dreams explores the public pool as an unexpected place to engage with creative expression. The exhibit gives new meaning to the term immersive art, providing participants a heightened sense of engagement with both the artworks and each other. Pool guests will have the option to view the art from underwater, swimming above and around a variety of works, or can look down into the water through a viewer. This project marks the first time underwater art has been presented at the Annenberg Community Beach House.


The exhibit consists of paintings, sculptures, ceramics, video, photography, an architectural model and interactive elements optimized for subaquatic viewing. On display will be works from well-known and emerging artists, including Andrew Cannon, Jessica Cowley, Bob Dornberger, Emily Joyce, Alice Könitz, Candice Lin, Becca Lofchie, Johnston Marklee, Jennifer Moon & Laub, Paul Pescador, Jennifer Rochlin, Suné Woods, Kim Ye, Patricia Yossen, Mallen&Gray and Machine Project with Grace Eunchong.


Although the exhibit is designed for guest-participants swimming in the pool, the works can also be partly experienced from poolside or viewed from afar in the 4’ shallow end of the pool. The Beach House is equipped with a pool lift for visitors with mobility issues. Swimmers are encouraged to bring goggles and snorkel sets; a few sets will be available to borrow onsite. Aside from the special allowance for snorkel use, all regular pool rules will be in effect and all guests must sign a waiver before entering the pool area. Lockers are available onsite.


For more information visit: http://annenbergbeachhouse.com/cultural-programs