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Tala Madani at David Kordansky Gallery

On View: September 7–October 19, 2019

In Tala Madani’s paintings, babies often run amok. They play with bodily fluids, break windows, and prance around under the neon lights of a disco. Shit Moms, the title of the artists new show at David Kordansky works two ways…alluding to both a bad mother, as well as actual women made of feces which appear alongside the “bad babies” in her paintings. While this may sound pretty base, across the show more robust themes emerge that together point to the darker facets of human nature, or even the futility of daily life. Alongside dozens of paintings, are a handful of animated videos, and in one of them (Mr. Time), a man continuously rides up and down an escalator on an endless loop. When a mob comes and pushes him down the escalator, he quickly and graphically becomes disfigured, but continues to ride the escalator regardless. Despite being beaten down, the man continues in his pointless loop as a clock in the center of the screen ticks by. This work acts as a key to Madani’s almost nihilistic point of view: humans perform base level actions or repeat mundane tasks despite ultimately being destroyed by them in the end.