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tabernacle at FOCA


In a group show organized by Fellows of Contemporary Art (FOCA) Curators Lab recipient Matthew Lax, themes of space, mobility, collective action, and impermanence are considered against the current cultural landscape of instability.

Artists Boz Deseo Garden, Andre Keichian, Miller Robinson, and the members of the Los Angeles Poverty Department (LAPD) performance group offer up mediums of photography, sculpture, text, and performance as a way of exploring sites of shelter — how the spaces we inhabit operate in response to their surroundings. For someone nomadic, home is often portable and in a transitory state. And just as the mind wanders, the head is a forever home that’s always in flux. 

But shelter can also be synonymous with community. In “Emergency Evacuation Plan for the City of Charlotte” (2006), a rehearsal by the LAPD performers filmed at the Urban Ministry Center in North Carolina, the precarity of home is dealt with through strategies for collective action.

“Tabernacle,” meanwhile, delves into the ways in which we hold space for ourselves and, ultimately, each other. Look out for performances and readings which will be held in conjunction with the exhibition this May.

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