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Summer Exhibition Program – Mary Heilmann


The artist’s first Los Angeles solo exhibition in over 20 years will be a comprehensive survey of paintings, ceramics, and furniture that celebrates Mary Heilmann’s unwavering dedication to engaging abstractions replete with sly references to her favorite landscapes, pop songs, and Mexican weavings. Considered one of America’s preeminent artists, Heilmann deploys the analytical geometries of Minimalism with the spontaneous freehanded spirit of the Beat Generation and the influences of American pop culture, yielding a wholly original and pioneering oeuvre. Her deft handlings of paint and compositions merging dichotomous spatial environments have influenced a younger generation of artists, including Laura Owens, Ingrid Calame, and Monique Prieto.

Born and raised in California, Heilmann studied at the University of California at Santa Barbara and Berkeley. In 1968, she moved to New York City to immerse herself in the contemporary art scene. In the ensuing decades, she has emerged as a figure of profound influence not only through her practice, but also through her teaching and lectures. Currently, the artist resides in New York City and Bridgehampton.