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Sebastian Gladstone
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Skylar Haskard at Sebastian Gladstone


Rickle Works, Skylar Haskard’s solo exhibition of new sculptures and steel wall works at Sebastian Gladstone’s Chinatown gallery, reflects on materiality and the potential of physical objects. Freestanding chair sculptures tower at the center of the room. Each of the wall works is covered in found objects, strung lettered beads (spelling phrases like: “thrown away” or “fearless”), fridge magnets, and curious photographs — a mix of staged and sourced — that feel spat out from the bowels of the internet. 

With the Body Object (2022) series, once functional chairs are broken apart, reconfigured, and stacked with other items like table legs, bicycle handle grips, polystyrene balls, and even plastic flowers, to be transformed into looming assemblages, completely relieved of their original utilitarian purpose. 

There’s a sense of unfinished business that permeates the space. Before deciding the final fate of these objects, Haskard displays them in their current malleable state, as if to invite viewers to come up with other ideas for them, the way one might slow their car to mull over the possibilities of a piece of scrapped furniture sitting on a curb. 

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On view: January 14 – February 18, 2023

Photo: Untitled, (shouldering hopefulness) (detail) (2022). Image courtesy of the artist and Sebastian Gladstone.