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Shine a Light

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After a year spent as Descanso Gardens’ first-ever artist-in-residence, Carole Kim debuts the fruits of her labor, including metal prints, micro projections and window treatments. In addition, she’ll be staging site-specific installations across the grounds throughout the exhibition’s run. About her experience, the artist says:

“From day-to-day, month-to-month, season-to-season, the gardens are an ever unfurling site of changing detail worthy of our attention… I find expansiveness in both reveling in the sublime details (through a heightened awareness of “this worldliness”) and venturing into the unfamiliar (creating a sense of “other worldliness.)” The artist goes on to discuss themes related to light, materiality, drawing as a dance with the landscape, structural geometry and organic complexity, the layering of live/real with illusory, and more.  You can read more here.

Exhibition open July 15 through October 27.