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Sharif Farrag at François Ghebaly Gallery

On view: November 9–December 15, 2019

When you think of ceramic work, you might think of the age old form of a vase, or ideas of beauty or timelessness. Yet Sharif Farrag’s ceramic creations throw taste and caution to the wind, feeling playful, irreverent, and a bit punk rock. His vase forms sprout monstrous feet or ghoulish arms, and are draped with chains. Each is inhabited by a cast of  orgiastic characters (think Pee-wee’s Playhouse meets Garden of Earthly Delights). Some of his glazes drip down the sculpture into puddles on the floor or ooze from the fingernails of gargoyles. Flowers sprout faces, and clocks become animated. His riotous ceramic sculptures prove that despite the complex process inherent in the medium, ceramic works can be as intuitive and inventive as a doodle on the back of your math homework.