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Sampa The Great

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Sampa The Great is poised to be her highest self. In just a few short years, the Zambian artist (born Sampa Tembo) has established herself as one of global rap?s most compelling and outspoken voices, reaching new levels of recognition and acclaim with the release of 2022?s defining album As Above, So Below. The 29-year-old recorded her sophomore album over the course of two weeks while back home in Zambia during the pandemic. As Above represents Sampa’s outside self, while So Below translates the Sampa within, uniting to reveal the highest version of herself: honest, without a mask or role to play.

IDMAN is a fast-rising nonbinary singer-songwriter, activist and model that has been making waves with their authentically raw and powerful story. Their music encompasses pop, soul, R&B, disco, and more, exploring life and relationships while embodying soul, community, and purpose. IDMAN uplifts the community and creates opportunities through their platform, with a debut EP coming this summer.

Sampa The Great will be live at the Regent Theatre on Thursday, May 25, with special guest Idman.