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Moskowitz Bayse
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Ryan Flores at Moskowitz Bayse


Just in time for Thanksgiving, a banquet table has been set at Moskowitz Bayse. The wooden table overflows with enticing fruits and vegetables, drawing you in to reveal that it is all made out of glazed ceramic. They’re nonetheless alluring, with the glazes running down the produce’s pocked surfaces spilling and blending into each other to create luscious yet mold-like surfaces. 

Exotic varieties — dragonfruit, papaya — nestle alongside workhorses like carrots and radishes, conveying a sense of fantastical wonder heightened by the elongated scale and shape of certain pieces. A set of three pineapples sprout impossibly large tops that spire upward, while a rhubarb mounted to the wall ends in an unlikely corkscrew shape. The pieces oscillate between believability and fantasy, ripeness and rot, creating a still-life buffet frozen in time. 

On view: November 12 – December 22, 2022

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Photo: Ryan Flores, The Fruit Vendor, Installation View. Image courtesy of Moskowitz Bayse.