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Kayne Griffin
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Rosha Yaghmai at Kayne Griffin


At Kayne Griffin on La Brea, Rosha Yaghmai’s paintings in her solo show “Afterimages” dance with vibrant moire patterns as you walk around them. Each painting on tautly stretched organza fabric depicts a dreamy abstract field of color that bleeds and blurs, disallowing a sharp image to emerge. Though Yaghmai’s source imagery is personal, taking cues from the Persian miniatures in her childhood home, these works see the artist focusing in on sections of landscape, omitting any figure from the scene. Through this manipulation, Yaghmai also untethers us from her reference point, opening up a more psychedelic and perceptual experience. Like an afterimage seen when we close our eyes, these new works recall past memories while transforming them into new, colorful visions.

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Photo: Installation view of “Rosha Yaghmai: Afterimages” at Kayne Griffin, Los Angeles. Courtesy of the artist and Kayne Griffin, Los Angeles. Photo by Flying Studio.