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OCHI Projects
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Ring Down the Curtain at Ochi Projects


A group show at Ochi Projects calls forth an optimistic spirit as our city begins to reopen (“ring down the curtain” is a phrase borrowed from theatre, meaning “show’s over”). The six female artists featured exude a tangled and exuberant sensuality. 

A large, soft sculpture by Isabel Yellin, painted in camouflage green, seems to be hugging itself with long, plushy tendrils that wrap around its center. Sarah Zapata’s colorful textile works are similarly lush, like a joyful celebration of form, craft, and tradition. Bari Ziperstein’s ceramic works borrow motifs from various architectural adornments: plaids, checkerboards, and ionic columns swirl together across her vessel. 

The exhibition culminates with Trulee Hall’s “Oral Shapes,” a room-sized installation equipped with spinning props and black light-activated wallpaper. In the central film, a woman (who oscillates between live action and claymation) wearing nothing but a white apron interacts with various hovering shapes that mirror the ones rotating nearby. The exhibition is a joyous ode to a post-COVID summer filled with hugs and dance parties—still in part a fantasy, but inching closer every day.

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Photo: “Ring Down the Curtain” at Ochi Projects. Image courtesy of the artists and Ochi Projects.