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Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz
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Right In The Eye

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Right in the Eye (En plein dans l’œil) from French composer Jean-François Alcoléa, is a unique live concert performed to the silent, fantastical films of George Méliès featuring three musicians, 50 instruments and 11 of Méliès films.

Featuring a trio of virtuoso musicians, their performance, in and of itself, is a spectacle – as they create music from an extraordinary range of instruments: piano, a soundboard, percussion and guitar; aquaphone (marine harp), theremin, melodica, glockenspiel; and objects of everyday life such as stemware, circular saws, whistles, flying plates and takeaway food lids.

SF Fringe, Edinburgh called the production “A magical hour where films, light and music weave a rich tapestry. A unique experience that goes far beyond just watching very old films.”

For one night only in Los Angeles!