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Renga For The West

In association with KCRW’s The Document, hosted by Matt Holzman
About The Film

It was February in Missoula, Montana.The Big Sky Documentary Film Festival. And it was a million degrees below zero. Until I walked into the theater to see Renga for the West. What I saw on screen made me truly forget the cold outside!

Renga for the West is a sparkling 40-minute short that manages to capture a whole lot of the joy, energy and heartache of the modern African experience. It’s the first in a series of films being made by African refugees who’ve landed in the Big Sky State, telling vibrant, poetic stories of home, of long and difficult journeys and of life in a new and very foreign place.

The film features the amazing music of refugee Joel Makeci, and he and his band will be on stage after our screening for a live set of African music that’s going to bring down the house!

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