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Re-Imagining the Avant-Garde


Reception, Lecture, Discussion and Book Launch

The 1960s and 1970s avant-garde has been likened to an ‘architectural Big Bang,’ such was the intensity of energy and ambition in which it exploded into the postwar world. Marked by architectural projects that redefined the discipline, it remains just as influential today. While divergent geographically – reaching from Europe to North America and Japan – politically and culturally, it was unified as a critical and experimental force, critiquing contemporary society against the backdrop of extreme social and political upheaval.

Re-imagining the Avant-garde outlines how in contemporary architectural practice, avant-garde projects retain their power as historical precedents, as barometers of a particular design ethos, as critiques of society and instigators of new formal techniques. Given the far-reaching impact of the subsequent digital revolution, which has since reshaped every aspect of practice, the issue asks why this historical period continues to retain its undeniable grip on current architecture. Contributors include Pablo Bronstein and Sam Jacob, Sarah Deyong, Stylianos Giamarelos, Damjan Jovanovic, Andrew Kovacs, Perry Kulper, Igor Marjanovic, William Menking, Michael Sorkin, Neil Spiller and Mimi Zeiger. Featured architects include Archizoom, Andrea Branzi, Jimenez Lai, Luis Miguel (Koldo) Lus Arana (Klaus), NEMESTUDIO, Superstudio and UrbanLab.

You can join Matthew ButcherAndrew KovacsMimi Zeiger, and Jimenez Lai (click here for a DnA interview with Lai) for a book launch and discussion.