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Santa Monica History Museum
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People of the Earth: Life and Culture of the Tongva


The Santa Monica History Museum will host a free panel discussing the role of indigenous women in our community yesterday and today.

Participants in the panel will include:

  • Julia Bogany (Tongva) – Tongva educator and cultural affairs officer for the Gabrielino/Tongva Band of Mission Indians.
  • Marissa Aranda (Tongva) – Student and next generation learning traditional Tongva culture and language.
  • Desiree Martinez (Tongva) – Tongva educator and indigenous archaeologist.
  • Theresa Ambo (Tongva) – Educator and researcher focusing on Southern California tribes.

The discussion is provided free of charge with free access to our galleries; including our current gallery “PEOPLE OF THE EARTH: LIFE AND CULTURE OF THE TONGVA” which focuses on the indigenous people of the Santa Monica Bay and greater Los Angeles area.