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La Loma Projects
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“Pauli & Paules” at La Loma Projects


From KCRW’s Art Insider Lindsay Preston Zappas:

Recently I visited La Loma Projects, a gallery located in a home in Pasadena, just as the golden hour was casting a warm hue over Jude Pauli’s ceramic sculptures. Installed throughout the back garden, the pieces are modernist compositions that the artist makes by stacking interlocking ceramic forms. Pauli makes her own clay and adds brick and other materials into her clay mix to create a warm earthen surface across these geometric and subtly figurative works. In a small garage-turned-gallery space, Adrian Paules’ minimal aluminum panel pieces complement Pauli’s with their simple and deceptive handmade quality. While they appear to be machine-refined, the artist actually crafts these works by sanding the aluminum panels by hand, slowly creating oscillating bands of reflexive surfaces. Together, the two artists share a dedication to material and a minimal aesthetic that’s buffered by an intimate handmade quality.