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Parking to Place: A Conversation About Reshaping LA


*Panel begins 7pm, self-guided walkthrough of Second Home Hollywood starts 6:30pm*

Parking has driven the planning and physical form of Los Angeles since the advent of the car. Rules about parking minimums have shaped our streets, houses and mobility patterns. But those are starting to change, as transportation and housing design undergoes a transformation towards greater density, more mass transit and alternatives to the car. Where will the new rules take us? How will LA look and feel with less land given over to parking spaces? Will a drop in parking lead to a reduction in driving, or a lot of annoyed Angelenos used to easy access to parking spaces?

DnA host Frances Anderton will talk this over with parking researchers Mark Vallianatos and James Sanders; and Chris Nichols, editor at Los Angeles Magazine and expert on 20th Century Los Angeles. The conversation will take place in a location ideally suited to the topic: Second Home Hollywood. This coworking space designed by architects Selgascano features 60 yellow-roofed acrylic office pods amidst a garden of 6,500 plants that have taken the place of a huge surface parking lot. Check out the landscape and Second Home’s remodeled, Paul Williams-designed building before the talk.