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P-22 Presents!: Meet the Caltrans Team Working on the Wildlife Crossing


April 14, 2020 • 12:00 pm PDT

For several years,The National Wildlife Federation, Caltrans and other partners have been working to create the Liberty Canyon Wildlife Crossing, an over-crossing that would enable mountain lions to cross the 101 freeway, giving them access to food and mates. The project, comprising a 200-foot-long bridge over the ten-lane 101 just west of Liberty Canyon Road; and a bridge over the two-lane Agoura Road, parallel to 101, recently advanced to the design phase. However, almost $60 million in construction costs has to be raised, mostly by private donors.

So the National Wildlife Federation’s California team has launched a series of online interviews about P-22, the famous mountain lion trapped in Griffith Park, who serves as a poster boy for the ambitious project. P-22 Presents! is intended to offer audiences of all ages fun wildlife related activities and engaging conversations. It is hosted by Beth Pratt, the always lively California Regional Executive Director for the National Wildlife Federation, and features biologists, wildlife experts, authors, artists, along with film showings and musical performances. The Facebook-based series runs through the end of the month of April at least.