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Off the 405: Rahill


Rahill is a multidisciplinary artist and musician hailing from Michigan and now based in New York’s Hudson Valley. As a founding member of Brooklyn’s garage-rock mainstay, Habibi, Rahill garnered a reputation for alchemizing an eclectic range of influences, distilling them into captivating and heavy pop songs that gestured towards the modes and melodies of the Iranian American household in which she was raised—a heritage she nurtured during several trips to Iran.

This affinity for Iranian culture and music is increasingly present in her emergent solo output. Maps of her familial cities, Shiraz and Isfahan, grace the insert of her debut LP, Flowers at Your Feet. This new album documents her efflorescence as a singer/songwriter with waves of maturity, humility, and intimacy in a succession of deeply personal, contemplative, and radiant songs. The first single, “Fables,” is a blissful and kaleidoscopic pop song produced and featuring none other than art-pop icon, Beck.

Rahill performs live at the Getty Center on Saturday, July 29, with a DJ set by KCRW DJ Nassir Nassirzadeh to kick off the night.

Photo courtesy of the Getty Center.