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Mythili & Aditya Prakash

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Indian classical performers Mythili and Aditya Prakash are teaming up with Shakti Dance Company to bring you MARA – A Fantastical Journey to the Far Edges of the Mind this month at the Ford Theatre. Combining the Indian raga with funk, brass band jazz, and experimental multimedia projections, MARA is sure to be an unforgettable experience that engages the senses and boggles the mind. The performance centers on the demon Mara, notorious for trying to keep Buddha from reaching enlightenment. MARA’s impressive synthesis of stylings from all over the globe offers something for everyone, yet produces a completely unique result bound to captivate any audience member. Tickets can be found here, and students with a valid I.D. who show up in-person to the box office can purchase tickets for just $25 .