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Mon Laferte

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Chilean-Mexican powerhouse Mon Laferte, renowned for her genre-bending music and powerful stage presence, announces her Autopoiética Tour 2024 across North America.

While over 1.5 million digital records sold in Latin America speak volumes, Mon Laferte’s impact transcends mere statistics. She’s not just the best-selling Chilean artist of the 21st century – she’s a critically acclaimed singer-songwriter embraced by audiences and music experts. Her talent is undeniable. Four Latin Grammys and two Grammy nominations testify to her creative brilliance.

In less than a decade, she’s carved her name among the most successful artists of our time. Mon Laferte’s success isn’t solely about accolades. The powerful connection she builds with her listeners through songs like “Tu Falta de Querer,” “Si Tu Me Quisieras,” “Mi Buen Amor,” and her iconic duet with Juanes, “Amarrame,” resonate deeply, transforming her into a fan favorite.

In November 2023, Mon released her album Autopoiética, which received recognition for its artistic bravery and introspective lyrics. It delves into themes of self-discovery, motherhood, and navigating life’s complexities. Or as Rolling Stone magazine describes it, “A fever dream painted in garnish primary colors… hypnotic and subversive, the album is never afraid of its own intensity.” The Autopoiética Tour 2024 will bring these themes to life, showcasing Laferte’s dynamic vocals, musicianship, and stagecraft.

Autopoiética, her eight studio album, has shaken all corners of the world, being named ‘Best of 2023’ by Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, NPR Music, Variety, Billboard, Time Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, & The Needle Drop. As Billboard explains, “On Autopoiética, the Chilean songwriter’s voice haunts, and at other times, it spellbinds, all while unraveling intricate sonic layers and diverse influences.”

Mon Laferte’s journey is one of artistic evolution, perseverance, and global recognition. From her early days in Chile to her career in Mexico and her current success, she continues to captivate audiences with her voice, music, and message.

Mon Laferte will be live at the Kia Forum on Saturday, May 25.

Photo credit: Maya Ortiz