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Molly Bounds at BOZOMAG


Stephanie Prepares is a solo exhibition by Molly Bounds at BOZOMAG’s Cresthaven location. This new body of work features oil on canvas paintings exploring “metamorphosis, power, and ecstatic freedom.” Visitors to the show become voyeurs, watching up close and intimate moments in the life of a singular character named Stephanie. The subject appears in each painting either lying by the pool, gazing into a mirror, or dancing in a sequined dress and sunglasses. Bounds’ cinematic narrative and sequence presents moments of “raw expression,” with her subject presented as a “preverbal performer.” Stephanie ultimately serves as a so-called avatar for the artist, who is on “a journey to catharsis.”

Photo: Molly Bounds, LA Ophelia, 2024. Oil on canvas over panel. 36 x 48 inches. Image Courtesy of BOZOMAG and Molly Bounds.