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Miyoshi Barosh at The Pit, Night Gallery, Luis De Jesus

On view: The Pit Jan 12 – Feb 22

Night Gallery Jan 11 – Feb 8

Luis de Jesus Jan 11 – Feb 15

Throughout L.A., three galleries have teamed up to honor artist Miyoshi Barosh, who passed away last year. Barosh’s fiber-based work is exuberant and joyful. “LOVE!,” one proclaims, next to a giant oversized yarn tassel. At Night Gallery, a collection of pink oversized and fabric cartoon legs called “Large Legs” spew off the wall. At Luis De Jesus, “I ♥ Kitties” is a photograph of a cat’s head, embellished with embroidered patches. While this all might sound saccharine, Barosh’s work intentionally tugs our heartstrings to get at larger messages of consumerism, ecological failure, and social control. By using techniques associated with “woman’s work” and a cutesy aesthetic, Barosh slyly pokes at our associations with each, while uncovering a rawer, more unnerving element underneath.