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Matthew Brown Los Angeles
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“Material Conditions” at Matthew Brown Los Angeles


As galleries continue to adapt to a digital terrain  — with a dizzying slew of online programming, exhibitions, and walkthroughs — Matthew Brown offers an antidote to on-screen fatigue. The gallery’s current exhibition, “Material Conditions,” celebrates sculptural materiality and labor-intensive artist processes — one of those shows that online viewing can’t quite capture. Michael Assiff’s works are low-relief depictions of florals and bug life that he has rendered through a process of piping plastic through confectionary piping bags. Ivana Bašić’s alien-like head with blown glass protrusions dangling down from its mouth is so delicately rendered that it feels culled from the set of a sci-fi movie.

While Assif, Bašić, and others are carefully composed in their artistry, Brandon Ndife’s furniture hybrids sprout strange human-like growths and mounds that are abject in their unruliness. In “No News (Good News),” brown earth-encrusted resin forms climb up a blue display rack which almost acts as an impromptu skeletal structure for the abstract and monstrous form. Together the exhibition highlights material and sculptural experimentation, with a subtle undercurrent of Halloween-y horror.