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Mardi Gras Rock Show of New Orleans

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Turning 83, Big Chief Alfred Doucette is the oldest living Mardi Gras Indian Chief born and “Le Bred” in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1940. As a Mardi Gras Indian, Big Chief Doucette pays homage to his Native American roots in Louisiana and to the tribes who sheltered escaping African slaves. Over 150 years ago, they began integrating cultures, marrying, and beginning new families and tribes. “Mardi Gras Indians” came to fruition through the celebration of Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and today they are known as “Black Masking Indians”. Doucette also owned the now famous and legendary music club, the Nite Cap. Nite Cap was home to several famous R&B touring acts and local greats, like the Neville Brothers and Marvin Gay. Doucette began singing later in his life, hitting his stride at age 70. Always moving forward in life, Doucette is currently sewing his next Mardi Gras Indian suit and it’s going to be a whopper! Always an avid human rights activist for his people, every suit he sews has distinctive and controversial messages. “That’s just how I roll,” says the Chief as he is addressed by his closest friends and fans. Now at 82 years young he still sews every bead himself and teaches children and close adult friends how to sew as well using his Indian suits as a canvas for teaching his sewing technique. Chief Alfred Doucette is a New Orleans treasure.

Lani Ramos, known to some as Big Pearl, sings rock, blues and some killer Janis too! Bourbon Street, Frenchmen Street, Jazz Fest, Ramos has sung through them all. The first Rock chick to have a steady weekly gig on Frenchmen Street, helping build that street into legendary status comparable to famous Bourbon Street, Ramos has sung on these streets for 23 years to people from all over the world. Some fans have scoped Ramos out of these barrooms, flying her around the world for gigs under superstar status. “It’s been a wild trip….” says the grueling workhorse singer, singing 4-5 hour sets weekly for years. It paid off for Ramos and Frenchmen Street in the early years, 2001-2011. Ramos went on to found the Rock & Rouge Women’s Music & Food Festival in New Orleans and its Foundation in 2017. She continues to work on its annual festival in New Orleans, and recently branched out into Los Angeles at Club Bahia on Sunset in 2022. Ramos grew up in Glendale, California and is a graduate of Glendale High School, moving to New Orleans in 2000 where she still resides.

Recording artist Rick Whitfield is just coming off of a successful concert featuring Joni Mitchell, which included Brandi Carlile, Sarah McLaughlin, Marcus Mumford and Annie Lennox – performing together at The Gorge Amphitheatre in Washington state.

Big Chief Alfred Doucette, Big Pearl & Rick Whitfield are a force together in this special presentation of the Mardi Gras Rock Show of New Orleans. In New Orleans, Doucette and Ramos have been performing together since 2005, and the combination of talents is infectious. This will be their second show in Los Angeles. The dynamic duo will perform New Orleans 50s classics, with Doucette singing a Fats Domino favorite, Blueberry Hill, then jumping into 70s R&B tunes like Use Me and If You Want Me to Stay, and singing Chief’s own Mardi Gras Indian originals. Ramos covers 60s classics like Me & Bobby McGee, coupled with Ramos’ own original rock & roll music. Doucette and Ramos come together in duets, like Earl King’s classic Let The Good Times Roll and more.