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L.A. Louver
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Luis Bermudez at LA Louver


LA Louver’s latest exhibition is a survey of work by beloved cultural figure Luis Bermudez (1953-2021) made between 1986 and 2014. The exhibition, entitled Sobre La Vida, or “About Life,” is a celebration of Bermudez’s influential career in Los Angeles as an artist, instructor, and curator. The sculptural works in the Sobre La Vida demonstrate the artist’s lifelong preoccupation with the interconnected nature of place, identity, and materiality as well as the relationship between the physical and spiritual. 

Bermudez found inspiration in his Mesoamerican heritage, the natural world, and philosophical traditions outside of Western culture. In many of the works, Bermudez played with unique textures and colors and used his distinctive castable refractory, a material between cement and clay. The artist aimed for the semi-abstracted forms found in his work to be viewed from various angles and perspectives, encouraging visitors to LA Louver to fully immerse themselves and engage in circumambulation as a performance.

Photo: Luis Bermudez, Installation View of Sobre La Vida, LA Louver. Photography by Matt Emonson.