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Lorna Simpson at The Underground Museum


On view from July 13 – September 8th.

The Underground Museum in Mid-City highlights black excellence through its art galleries, film and wellness programming, and events, and has become an active hub for the community. On view for a couple more weeks are two videos by artist Lorna Simpson. In Easy to Remember (2001), Simpson recorded 15 performers as they each hummed John Coltrane’s seminal song while listening on headphones. By zooming in on only the lips of the performers, and playing each recording in unison, we are left with a moment that is both subtle (like a mother soothing a baby) and communal (think church choir), as the gorgeous chorus of humming overlaps and blends together. While you’re there, be sure to spend some time in UM’s Purple Garden surrounded by the purple and green foliage planted in honor of the museum’s co-founder, artist Noah Davis.