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Lisa Williamson at Tanya Bonakdar


The precision of Lisa Williamson’s wall works in a new solo show at Tanya Bonakdar is beguiling. Each work in “Amplifier” feels boldly precise, no line or color out of place. Her forms, which are made from aluminum before being delicately painted, contain a minimal gravitas—simple circles and lines feel weighty and profound. The artist’s painted surfaces are applied with care and intention to create a matte-finish that catches the light to reveal singular brushstrokes (the only reveal of the artist’s hand in the otherwise immaculate structures).

Many of the pieces were scaled to match the artist’s own height as well as that of her young son, and small flourishes lend personification to the abstract works. Springs of flowers sprout from the clean ochre surface in “Primo,” a portrait of Williamson’s son, while neon pink balls dot the bending, kimono-like form of “Silhouette,” a work which reflects the artist’s own stature. These familial details are simply starting places, like gessoing a canvas, from which Williamson’s foray into color, and form are precisely tuned.

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Photo: Lisa Williamson, “Amplifier,” installation view. Photo courtesy the artist and Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York / Los Angeles.