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Luis De Jesus Los Angeles
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Laura Krifka at Luis De Jesus


In Laura Krifka’s new series of hyper-realistic paintings, one becomes hyper-attuned to the act of looking. Various viewing devices (mirrors, windows, binoculars) are met with figures who slyly peer out of blinds, or offer passing glances out at the viewer. Like previous bodies of Krifka’s work, the domestic space is the container for these devious glances, yet there is always the allusion to an “out there” that is more scenic and wild. 

Several paintings subtly capture sunrise or sunset, the fading light visible in the painting’s background. Sink or Swim pictures a dim and banal kitchen sink that looks out to a lavish private beach. The fantasy always remains at a distance, trumped by the real. Everything But depicts a similar kitchen sink set into an unremarkable Formica countertop, but rather than peer out over a landscape, the sink looks out into a mirror that reflects the entire scene back at us, giving the viewer the uncanny ability to see what would be behind us in the painted scene.

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Photo: Laura Krifka, Dawn (detail) (2022). © Laura Krifka. Courtesy of the artist and Luis De Jesus Los Angeles.