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L.A. Korean Festival

In 1974, the Los Angeles Korean Festival Foundation was founded by leaders of the early Korean-American community with the purpose of keeping their Korean roots planted even after immigrating to the United States. In the great city of Los Angeles, where diverse and different cultures are free to express themselves, the Los Angeles Korean Festival Foundation can be seen as one of the major advocates of the Korean culture. Among the multiple facets of the contributions made to the community to raise awareness and continue the practice of Korean traditions, the annual Los Angeles Korean Festival is the most noteworthy. Every year, the foundation works year-round in planning and organizing a four-day festival that carries out the mission to provide the community with the best possible outlet to learn the roots and traditions of Korea.

Already on its 45th year, the Los Angeles Korean Festival has become a yearly event promoting the Korean culture and has become instrumental platform in which the different cultures of Los Angeles can come together in fun and entertainment. With the different cultural communities in Los Angeles and free admission, the Los Angeles Korean Festival does a wonderful job in promoting the Korean culture as well as advocating the cultural diversity, a characteristic that defines the city of Los Angeles. With the idea of multiculturalism in mind, the Los Angeles Korean Festival has grown to be one of the largest ethnic celebrations in the nation.

There are festivals—and then there’s Los Angeles Korean Festival. By weaving a deep-rooted fascination with culture, community, history, and humanity through everything we do—from the expo to the global adventures we undertake—The Los Angeles Korean Festival Foundation transcends run-of-the-mill with the experimental and diverse take on a culture-based Festival. Burdened stereotype and presumptions of to being too traditional and “boring”; anticipation and the element of surprise possess the Festival goers with an utter sense of excitement with every year’s never-ending improvements, the 45th Los Angeles Korean Festival is about to rock the city!