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KESHIKI | The Landscape Within: Contemporary Japanese Ceramics


Exhibition runs April 17 – June 9

Keshiki, which translates literally as landscape, is a term that refers to the glaze, scorch markings, cracks and indentations on the surface of ceramics. It’s long been celebrated by Japanese artists and collectors as adding beauty, depth and singularity to a piece. The exhibition KESHIKI, The Landscape Within: Contemporary Japanese Ceramics showcases over sixty pieces from Gordon Brodfuehrer’s collection, highlighting the incredible diversity of styles and techniques found in Japan’s contemporary ceramic work, with a focus on regionality and keshiki.  Guests attending the opening reception will have the opportunity to meet Gordon Brodfuehrer as well as Hollis Goodall, curator of Japanese art at LACMA and guest curator for this exhibition. You can read more about the exhibition here.