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Kerry Tribe at 1301 PE


While viewing Kerry Tribe’s exhibition Double Bumblefoot at 1301 PE, you may start to ponder some of your own recently sent text messages. The exhibition features drawings and a double-channel video work that detail snippets of text communication that Tribe has had with either her mother or her children. The drawings feature familiar iPhone text bubbles (in either gray, denoting the sender, or blue, for Tribe’s own messages) that float within a field of dense black as if appearing out of an ethereal non-space. 

Messages range from banal (“Where are you kiddo?”) to humorous (“I stopped to film a spider”) to existential (one simply reads “hell”), and many solitarily float in their black voids, awaiting a reply that never comes. A two-channel video offers a more continual stream of dialogue between Tribe and her dependents, exposing the source material behind the more esoteric text drawings. 

Downstairs, a series of rainbow-hued diagrams (charts that have been proposed by various philosophers to try to depict the notion of the present moment) float within similar black fields — trite gestures surrounded by the expansiveness of the unknown. Across the show, Tribe splays open the banality of our everyday lives, casting our daily minutia against larger existential mysteries of time and space.

 On view: September 14 – October 15, 2022

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Photo: Kerry Tribe, “Mom?,” 2022. Water color and oil pastel on paper. 21 x 14 inches. Image courtesy of the artist and 1301 PE.