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Hailing from Assam in northeast India, Jitwam, the self-proclaimed “psychedelic soul savant”, has steadily carved out his own lane and cemented himself as a global sector and live performer and label front at The Jazz Diaries.

With a signature style that moves across an array of genres, Jitwam’s music bounces between dance-floor tempos, jazz influences and soulful beatscapes that burst with a palpable rhythm section, drawing in listeners time and time again. Incorporating sounds from across the world, Jitwam marries incisive political commentary with deep introspection to create work that is, at once, wrenchingly intimate and sweetly playful.

Jitwam’s career in music has always felt predestined. The first record he bought – a $2 blank white-label vinyl – turned out to be a Moodymann track, a discovery he made around the same time he found out his music would be featured on Moodymann’s DJ Kicks compilation. Finding success through two LPs, ‘ज़ितम सिहँ’ and Honeycomb, and acclaimed tracks including ‘WhereYouGonnaGo’ and ‘busstop’ Jitwam has become a mainstay of the underground.

Jitwam will be live at the Lodge Room on Monday, October 16.