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IdentificarX Opening Reception: An exhibition celebrating ArtCenter’s Latina/e/o/x Alumni Community

IdentificarX is a major group exhibition exploring the complex and distinct contributions that alumni from ArtCenter College of Design have made to the fields of art and design. Recognizing the Latina/e/o/x community is not a monolith, the value “x” in IdentificarX acts as a placeholder for inclusivity and agency. It holds ground for the multiple and varied places, experiences, memories, histories, genders and races that co-exist through the use of “x.” It is a visual signifier of expansiveness and brings together wide-ranging conversations about identity and diasporas in art and design.

Featuring works by over 100 groundbreaking artists, the exhibition provides a thoughtful look at the pathways and strategies that members of the Latina/e/o/x community undertake to become part of the culture making field. Join us at the opening reception on June 15, featuring a DJ session by Mas Exitos More info at artcenter/edu/exhibitions/identificarx