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Five Car Garage
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Ian James at Five Car Garage


December 12, 2020 - January 23, 2021

Five Car Garage

Walking up to Five Car Garage (a gallery in a literal Five Car Garage in Santa Monica), soothing music can be heard emanating from within. The musical frequency, which the artist Ian James refers to as “healing waves” are in fact being broadcasted at short range around the gallery via his sculptural FM radio, “KHLZ: The Rainbow Bridge (FM Radio Station).” After the show, which is titled “The Harmony of the Noosphere,” this functional work will move to a mobile facility in the desert where it will “broadcast Noosphere-encouraging vibrational waves in perpetuity.”

Aside from the radio, the exhibition includes photographic and mixed media works that explore the theoretical idea of the Noosphere, imagined by writer Jose Argüelles as a third sphere surrounding the Earth wherein all intelligence on the planet congregates. Images across the work picture product-type shots of models interacting with strange technological devices, presumably, ones that tout or promote some healing attributes. The exhibition approaches new age healing with a mix of sincerity and skepticism, delving into the marketing and capitalism that is present in the industry alongside the holistic unity that can be found in healing practices. The radio station can also be listened to via a link on the gallery’s website, which I listened to this week as a gentle salve to contrast the impeachment hearings.

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Photo: Ian James, “KHLZ: The Rainbow Bridge (FM Radio Station),” 2020. Image courtesy of the artist and Five Car Garage.