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Hayley Barker at BOZOMAG


When you walk into BOZOMAG, nestled into a revamped garage in Highland Park, you are confronted with a familiar scene: a large scale, delicately dry-brushed painting depicting the driveway you just walked down to enter the gallery. A towering orange tree, the cactus planted by a friend of the gallery, and the lineup of trash bins flanking the walkway are all faithfully rendered in Barker’s dreamy style. Each of the three works in the show picture a different vantage of the space, including —the front porch and the back patio, looking out on a tangle of power lines (the exhibition is titled “BOZO HOUSE”). 

Barker’s frenetic brushwork enlivens her color with movement and layered tones to match the psychedelic gradations of purple-pink skies hovering over the domestic scenes. The depictions of BOZO’s grounds pay homage to the space (this is Barker’s seventh show with the gallery) as well as the purveyor, Danny Bowman, and the community of artists he is building. A second gallery inside the house is a tender gathering of found objects, studio ephemera, and small artworks by artist friends, situating Barker’s work within a communal lineage of makers.  

On view: July 31 – September 25

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Photo: Hayley Barker, “Entrance to BOZOMAG,” 2022. Oil on linen, 86 x 68 inches. Image courtesy of the artist and BOZOMAG. Photo: Paul Salveson.