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Gallery Opening: Takashi Murakami ‘Electric Exhibition’

Known as “the Andy Warhol of Japan” for his contemporary pop synthesis of high and low art, Takashi Murakami is recognized for his “superflat” style, a term he coined to describe the flat, post war 2-D style of Japanese art (manga, anime) and the flattening of Japanese social classes.

In accordance with this “superflat” concept, Murakami’s practice involves repackaging elements usually considered “low” or subcultural and presenting them in the “high-art” market. He then further flattens the playing field by repackaging his “high-art” works as merchandise, such as plush toys and T-shirts, making them available at more affordable prices. Martin Lawrence Galleries’ Takashi Murakami: Electric Exhibition, featuring Murakami’s signature flower works, will showcase the colorful paintings and graphics that are emblematic of the artist’s work. You can learn more about Murakami here.