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Matthew Brown Los Angeles
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Fin Simonetti at Matthew Brown


In Fin Simonetti’s solo exhibition, “My Volition,” a metal guard rail has been installed throughout the gallery, segmenting space while acting as a makeshift pedestal for hand-carved stone sculptures. The works are staged carefully across the railing, recalling museological specimen displays. Yet their forms—dismembered dog limbs, jowls, and hinds, as well as small hand shovels—bring the display towards notions of protection and excavation. In this light, the handrail display suddenly becomes an assertive and controlling mechanism of movement through the space. On the walls, carefully paned glass is set atop barbershop posters. In one, sheer glass is used to strategically highlight ears across the grid of heads depicted across the poster. Together, these works, paired with the sculptural installation, ask the viewer to consider notions of control, transparency, and how access operates within public space.

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Photo: Image courtesy of the artist and Matthew Brown Los Angeles. Photography by Ed Mumford.