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Albertz Benda
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Faye Toogood and Christopher Le Brun at Friedman Benda and Albertz Benda


It’s the last week to see the art and design pairing of Faye Toogood and Christopher Le Brun at Friedman Benda and Albertz Benda. The New York-based gallery, which focuses on the confluence of art and design, has a new outpost in a house off the Sunset strip where they exhibit design objects in a domestic setting. Toogood’s contributions are a suite of wooden objects whose functional uses (side table, desk, chair, lounge) belie their enigmatic chiseled forms. At once minimal and whimsical, the wooden sculptures curve in elegant arcs that are rooted to the ground with large, stump-like feet.

These earthen objects are paired with Le Brun’s paintings, which use light as their inspiration. Splashes of darker shades spill over lighter-hued fields of paint, their lines scratched and dimensional. The organic groundedness of Toogood’s design objects makes an interesting pairing with the ephemeral lightness of Le Brun’s, like the relationship between earth and atmosphere.

On view: October 7 – November 11, 2022

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Photo: Image Courtesy of Friedman Benda and Faye Toogood. Photography by Julian Calero.